Friday, March 30, 2007

Neck Pain

Neck Pain: "Exercises For Your Neck

These two exercises, done regularly, will strengthen and relax your neck muscles and help maintain the normal range of motion in your neck. Do each three or four times slowly and deliberately, relaxing as you do them, twice a day. (If you are under care for circulatory, bone or muscle problems, check with your doctor before doing them.)

Picture The Shrug- Draw your shoulders up toward your ears slowly. Breathe deeply and return to original position. Relax and repeat. Slowly rotating your shoulders forward and back is a variation of the shrug.

The Trapezius Stretch- While standing with a straight back, lock your hands behind your head slowly bring your elbows together in front of your face. Reverse the exercise by again locking your hands behind your head and slowly pulling your elbows back. Repeat."

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