Sunday, December 09, 2007

Recommended Settings for KDS-50A2000 Sony LCD TV:

Recommended Settings for KDS-50A2000 Sony LCD TV:
Picture menu:
Mode: Custom
Advanced iris: Min
Picture: 84
Brightness: 56
Color: 41
Hue: 0
Color temp: Warm2
Sharpness: 50
Noise reduction: Off

--Advanced Settings--
Black corrector: Off
Gamma: Off
Clear white: Off
Live color: Off
White balance: (see below)
Detail enhancer: Off
Edge enhancer: Off

--White balance--
R-gain: -2
G-gain: -1
B-gain: 0
R-bias: -3
G-bias: -2
B-bias: -1

Setup menu:

Color matrix: Standard
Power saving: On

Friday, December 07, 2007

Silex Pricom C-6200U+ default username and password

It makes no sense that this isn't readily documented online or that silexamerica doesn't list this devices as it is sold here in the us. In any case, when you login to any of the interfaces for the Silex Pricom C-6200U+, the username is root and there is no password. This should be the same for most of the Silex Pricom series devices as I found this in reference to their C-6700WG, so users of the Silex Pricom 6200 in any variation should be able to use this username and password.

For those who may find this and wish to know if the device works, it does. We use this device with a Canon MP780 to share the printer and scanner functions across the network. You have to install their drivers for the printer and this is pretty seamless. To use the scanner, you have to launch their SX virtual link software and then tell it to connect the device which creates a USB connection over ethernet so that you can perform a scan. The software times out eventually and you would have to reconnect if you wanted to scan again later in the day or days ahead.